Tokyo Denmark Week 2017 – EVENT LIST

NOV.2  Thurs 19:00-21:00
/STORY TELLING and City Planning – Presentation of “Slagtergårdene Vesterbro”/
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NOV.6  Mon 19:00-21:00
/Experiment with benches — “What if Copenhagen in Ebisu”/
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NOV.9  Thurs 19:30-21:30
/”What if Copenhagen in Ebisu” — Information Architecture and Embracing Complexity/
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NOV.10  FRI 19:00-
/Tokyo Denmark Week 2017 — Closing Party/

Nov.10. Final event in Tokyo! “Designing change in a growing city, embracing complexity -” by David Bülow (Primus Architechts) x Kato Hiroshi. “What if Copenhagen in Ebisu” will close down with a party with friends and collaborators. Our mission for this trip is to leave ‘something’ in Ebisu that will make us able to come back for more. Join us – for a Primus/Kato-style party!
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